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Jorn Zimmerling


Hello! I am Jörn Zimmerling a PhD student at TU Delft in the Research Group Circuits and Systems. My Co-promotor and daily supervisor is Rob Remis. My mathematical field of interest span a wide range. Specific topic include modelling of wave phenomena, model order reduction, Krylov methods and inverse problems. I am especially enthusiastic about connections between mathematics and physics. Next to math I like to spend my time biking, and outdoors in the nature.

Lisa Wobbes

Vice president

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a PhD student of Lars Beuth (Deltares) and Kees Vuik (TU Delft). The focus of my project is on the material point method and its application to flow slides. Furthermore, I like to participate in aerobics classes, spend time with my friends and travel.

Zaza van der Have


My name is Zaza van der Have and my promotor and daily supervisor is Kees Oosterlee. My research is in the field of financial mathematics, and it focuses on pricing financial derivatives with Fourier methods.

Menel Rahrah


Hello! My name is Menel and I am the treasurer of the SIAM Student Chapter at Delft University of Technology. I am also doing my PhD project at this university, supervised by Fred Vermolen and Kees Vuik. In my research I focus on the modeling of a new technique to infiltrate large amounts of water in the shallow subsurface, using the poro-elasticity model of Biot and Finite Element Method.

Baljinnyam Sereeter


My name is Baljinnyam Sereeter and I am from Mongolia. I am doing my PhD at TU Delft in the Research Group of Numerical Analysis. My daily supervisor is prof. Kees Vuik and Co-promotor is prof. Cees Witteveen. My research is focused on the mathematical model of the Smart Grid. Particular interest of scientific fields are numerical linear algebra, optimal control and data science.

Manuel Baumann

The baNaNa officer

Hello! My name is Manuel and I am a PhD student of Martin van Gijzen. My research is in the field of numerical linear algebra, but I am also interested in model order reduction and optimal control. Besides math, I like tennis and skying as well as traveling. Within the Student Chapter, I organize the so-called baNaNa talks.

Mohamed el Abbassi

Social-event officer

Hello! I’m Mohamed and my daily supervisor is dr. Domenico Lahaye. My promotor is Kees Vuik. Coming from an applied study, I’m embracing the world of mathematics. My research field is about numerical modelling of turbulent incompressible flows, turbulence-chemistry interaction and heat transfer. Furthermore I like to practice different sports and love watching movies.