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M=O(V+I^E) Night: Sneakers(1992) on 11 March

posted 11 Mar 2020

New Board for 2019-2020

posted 02 Mar 2020

Drs. Peter wins the chess tournament again

posted 11 Dec 2019

A workshop loved by all

posted 30 May 2019

Movie Night on April 24

posted 24 Apr 2019


Research Day

Our research day definitely lies on the scientific and academic site of the spectrum of chapter activities. Every year we organize a one day workshop on a topic in applied mathematics. With this event we try to connect with SIAM chapters of other universities. Also, we give PhD students the possibility to present their work for an international audience, and get to know other PhD students in the same field. The links below give you more information about the past research days.

Company visit

Applied mathematics has many applications in science and industry. Therefore, most of our members are interested to discover the role of mathematicians within companies and math in industrial processes. To stimulate this, the SIAM student chapter organizes company visits. On these trips members of the student chapter can broaden their perspective of applicability of math in industry, or find out more about interesting opportunities to continue their carrier. For examples of past company visits check out the links below.

Project baNaNa

The Project baNaNa is a self-organised seminar from the PhD students of the numerical analysis department at TU Delft. Our aim is to present practical tools and applications from the every-day use of a mathematician to each other. The seminar will be held on a monthly basis and in an informal manner.

See this website for more information.