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New Board for 2022-2023

posted 15 Jun 2023

New Board 2020-2021

posted 15 Jan 2021

M=O(V+I^E) Recommendation: Good Will Hunting (1997)

posted 12 Jan 2021

Martin won Online Chess Tournament 2020

posted 10 Dec 2020

M=O(V+I^E) Recommendation: The Imitation Game (2014) --- A movie about Alan Turing

posted 30 Oct 2020

10 Days Countdown of Workshop Day 2020

We have happy to announce that there are only 10 days to go for our online workshop day: Non-Linear Equations. All the information can be found here. If you haven’t signed up yet, please scan the QR code in the poster or fill in the google form. We are looking forward to seeing you virtually at our event!

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