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Martin won Online Chess Tournament 2020

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M=O(V+I^E) Recommendation: The Imitation Game (2014) --- A movie about Alan Turing

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Hugo Verhelst



Hi! My name is Hugo Verhelst and I am a second-year PhD student in the Numerical Analysis group (EEMCS) as well as in the Maritime Transport and Technology group (3mE). My work focusses on the modelling of complex thin shell problems using Isogeometric Analysis and my daily supervisors are Matthias Möller (EEMCS) and Henk den Besten (3mE). I have been a proud citizen of Delft during my Bachelor and Master degrees, but I am currently living in the beautiful center of Utrecht. I love to cycle, run and play board games and during my holidays, I love to hike and to sail.

Elisa Atza

Vice President and Treasurer

Hello, I am a second year PhD student in the Numerical Analysis group (DIAM). I model plant growth under the supervision of Neil Budko and Kees Vuik. I studied Mathematics in Bologna (B.Sc.) and Bonn (M. Sc.) and after a short experience in consulting I moved to the Netherlands to pursue a PhD. I am an avid reader and I enjoy woodworking and sewing. In normal times I travel as much as possible.

Kishan Ramesh Kumar

Webmaster and Secretary

Hey, I am Kishan Ramesh Kumar pursuing my PhD (currently in 2nd year) in the DARSim group, Department of Geosciences (CiTG) I am working on Multi-scale modelling of subsurface H2 storage in porous reservoirs under the guidance of Dr. Hadi Hajibeygi. I did my bachelors in India, and masters at TU Delft in the department of mechanical engineering (3mE). In my free time I like to regularly workout, travel and also an avid reader of non-fiction books.

Roel Tielen

BaNaNa officer

Hi all! My name is Roel and I organize the so-called BaNaNa talks (link naar website). I am a third year PhD student at the Numerical Analysis department. My research is in the field of Isogeometric Analysis and particle methods (i.e. MPM). This research is preformed together with my promotor Prof. Kees Vuik and supervisor Matthias Moller. Apart from cycling on my racing bike and playing tennis, I am a proud member of our department football team, the Krylov Tigers.