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New Board for 2022-2023

posted 15 Jun 2023

New Board 2020-2021

posted 15 Jan 2021

M=O(V+I^E) Recommendation: Good Will Hunting (1997)

posted 12 Jan 2021

Martin won Online Chess Tournament 2020

posted 10 Dec 2020

M=O(V+I^E) Recommendation: The Imitation Game (2014) --- A movie about Alan Turing

posted 30 Oct 2020

Social Events

Informal meetings play an important part in the SIAM student chapters as they are acessible for any member. During these meetings, members get to know each other and they have the opportunity to meet people from other departments. Social events such as M=O(V+I^E) Night, Summer BBQ and other activities are organized regularly every year.

M=O(V+I^E) Night

SIAM Student Chapter movie night

Chess tournament

SIAM Student Chapter bowling night

BBQ at Delftse Hout

SIAM Student Chapter BBQ


SIAM Student Chapter bowling night